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“We have just one last question”, the manager leading the interview said.

This was the wrap-up for the hour-long session, in what sounded like a lengthy search for the right agile coach to consult with their team.

That was a bit unexpected. I hesitated for a second — actually, when it comes to agile, I do have a vision.

But I wasn’t sure if she or the other two people in the meeting were ready to hear it.

But she asked, so I dived in. I replied:


While the work is important, the value is even more important

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A few years back, sitting at the conference room table with a half-dozen other project managers, we listened to a senior manager visiting from the corporate office, most definitely the HiPPO¹.

He was there to tell us how to improve our projects.

He stood up, grabbed a marker, and started drawing boxes on the whiteboard. Then connecting them with lines in a hierarchy, while speaking over his shoulder:

We looked at each other. Most of us had managed projects for years and created many work…

Watching these two indicators really helped!

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In the early days of my project management career, as a traditional project manager, agile practitioners that I worked with would sometimes tell me:

“You just need to adopt an agile mindset!”.

This drove me nuts. What is a mindset? How do I find one? How do I know if it’s agile? And how do I “adopt” a mindset anyway?

I just didn’t get it.

Looking back, after years of leading agile teams, working with other agile coaches, and obtaining agile certifications, I finally got it. There is such a thing as an agile mindset. …

Andrew Coates

After 20 years of managing software delivery the traditional way, I turned the corner to a new way of thinking — agile! Pumped to help others do the same.

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